Logic Pro 9 Transposing Score


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Hi, Please can someone point me in the right direction. I have recorded in through Logic (Midi Piano). The score however needs adjusting. Although I can set the split point for which note is scored in which staff when the hands cross over or get close together it will score the note to the wrong staff.

Can I simply drag and move a note from one staff to another. Ot highlight a series of notes and move them all up or down. Depending on which hand I am playing the note with to make the score read better.

i hope you have just understood that

Many Thanks

No, you need to use polyphonic staff style. I would highly recommend sitting down with the manual and reading up on the score, especially the bit about staff styles.

With a polyphonic style you don't drag notes around from one staff to the other, but there is a very neat tools that you use to just draw a line between the notes for the upper staff and the notes for the lower staff.
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