Logic Pro 9 Trash and external drive???

Rodney D

Hello my fellow logic users,

Ok, here's the situation. I didnt think about setting up an external hard drive when I purchased my iMac and Logic. I only set up a backup drive for time machine and it saved my butt when my hard drive crashed once. So after 4 years of recording in logic 9, I have finally used nearly all my hard drive space on my IMac, which has 1TB of storage. I purchased a 2tb hard drive and I plan to move all my logic session files to this external drive. I have moved several logic session to the external drive already. I know this will be a very long and tedious process because I have to save all the assets of each session, but it has to be done. I can't keep recording in my system drive and I knew this day would come. My question is once I move the original files from my system drive to the trash after performing "save as" and copying the sessions and all assests to the external drive, will Logic look for any missing files in the trash? Does Logic even search for files in the trash? And can I safely empty the trash if the files play normally from the external drive? :confused::confused:

I dragged and dropped ( copied) my whole Logic Folder to my 2TB ext drive. Everything is there now. I then tested a few projects to convince myself they all work fine, which they do, then deleted them from my macbook pro and emptied my trash. All has been well, (knock, knock , knock). I open my Logic projects from my ext drive. I also have another drive as back up.
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