Logic Pro 8 triggering and latching loops


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okay, my first post and first question of many. i am trying to figure out how to use my mpd24 to trigger a sample that i want to loop endlessly. the catch is that i want it to loop without having to hold down the pad for the entire duration of the loop. ideally, i'd like to trigger the sample by hitting the pad and cut it by hitting that pad again.

up to this point i've made a drum beat from several ultrabeat patterns, converted it into an audio file, imported it to the esx24, and in the edit window selected the loop box. this is all great, except that i want to be able to play guitar in a live setting and can't do that with one hand pressing the pad the whole time.

i realize the most intuitive way to do this would be to just skip the esx business and just loop the ultrabeat patterns. the problem is that the drumbeat is being used in an improvised context, so the duration isn't certain.

so it boils down to this: is their some sort of latch parameter that will make a loop sustain indefinetely?

thanks for any help/advice


Check out Touch Tracks in the Environment section of the manual. From what you describe, it should pretty much do what you need. But the transport does need to be playing. So, just set your song length to be much longer than you will possibly need and you should be fine.
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Per Boysen

You should try using the Playback plug-in for this! I'm doing what you are describing on stage with a band: I play one note that triggers a loop and then I play other things while the loop is running. Later on I may play another note to stop the sample. But I use Mainstage for this, since I think it is faster to set up, more powerful for real-time stuff and more stable in a live performance setting.

One advance in choosing Playback is that you can pick the preferred FLEX algorithm to get the optimal fidelity when your concert goes along at at different tempo than you originally prepared the loops at. You can also set a bunch of Playback instances to the same group (not Logic's "group" function) in order to have the next loop triggered mute the presently playing loop. So in praxis it is similar to the EXS 24 but with added configurable tempo adaptability.
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Also the MPD24 is capable of playing latched notes. Press Edit and hit the pad you want to trigger the loop, and hit Enter. Set the note number to what you want, press > once so that MTY is flashing (Momentary) and turn the edit knob to change it to TGL (Toggle). Now you hit the pad once to send a Note On message, and again to send a Note Off. If Loop is turned on in the EXS24, hitting this pad once will start the loop, hitting it again will stop it. No plugins or Environment skillz necessary. :D
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