Triggering Battery 4 or ANY Drum Plug


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Hello Guys! :)

I'm hoping to find some new tools to use with Battery 4 to create beats. For's one way using Logic Pro X Drummer. Add a new "Drummer Track" to a project. Select the Drummer (for example "Kyle") then select one the beats. Click on the channel strip and change the instrument to Battery 4. Now "Kyle" is playing any kit you choose from Battery 4. Uou can even continue changing Kyle's parameters such as simple/complex, add/subtract hats/toms/kick, add claps/shaker/tambourine...etc.

I've also experimented with a MIDI FX Arp called Kirnu Creme which is probably the baddest azz arp I've ever messed with. I wish there was something like Logic's Ultrabeat as a MIDI FX insert.

Another MIDI FX insert I'd like to find is a MIDI Jukebox. Something I can use to audition midi files with Battery 4 so I don't have to drag a midi file into a track just to hear it play. I have 1000's of midi files and trying to find the right one is time consuming.

I'm also looking for other ways to trigger Battery 4 from my DAW that help speed up the creative process. I don't care for the layout of Logic's step editor because I cant see the grid well at all and find it difficult to quickly add hits accurately. I wish they had a step editor that was exactly like Ultrabeat.

Have you guys found any "must have" beat triggers for Battery??

Thanks! :D