Logic Pro X Trim Region Start to Next Transient... Broken...


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in the latest logic,
"Trim Region Start to Next Transient" seems broken. When I highlight the region, the key command will work ONCE (meaning I'll tap the key command multiple times, but it only trims the region start on the first tap). Usually I spam this key command to adjust region borders, so this is a big hinderance. "Trim Region Start to Previous Transient" still works as expected. Also, I should mention, I tested the region with "Rewind by Transient" and "Forward by Transient," which both still worked as expected.

Is anyone else having this bug?

Also, did anyone else notice how the transient detection in the sample editor (or whatever the f*** they're calling it now...) got severely f***ed after Logic 8? It blows my mind this hasn't been fixed.

Also, every other time I open Logic it says "CoreMIDI Error," and none of my MIDI gear will work. I have to restart Logic a number of times, which will fix the problem randomly.

Not to mention, the "Open Recent" menu item has completely vanished for me after this last patch.

It's so depressing, because Logic is my favorite DAW workflow wise, but the number of severely crippling bugs is inexcusable. Don't add another f***ing new feature until the old ones WORK (or at least work like they used to).