Logic Pro 9 trouble assigning controls


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I am trying to put 9 different synths on 9 tracks and assign their individual volumes to the 9 individual sliders on my m-audio axiom 49 controller. the idea is to use logic live and be able to slide the volumes up for the synths i want to use when i want to use them. This also would allow me to layer 2 or more synths at the same time. when I assign the volume of track-1 to slider-1, it works fine, but when i switch to track-2, slider-1 only changes the volume of track-2.

If this isn't possible, I would settle for assigning buttons on my controller to toggle up and down tracks(button-1 toggles up a track and button-2 toggles down a track).

I'm running logic 9 on my macbook pro 2011 if it matters. thanks for any help you might have.

Peter Ostry

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In Controller Assignments, set the "Channelstrip" dropdown menu to "Index" for each of your faders and enter the appropriate number. Then each of your faders controls the channelstrip with this number, following the order of your tracks in the Arrange Window and the mixer. The mixer should be set to "Arrange" of course, otherwise you would get confused.


The mixer should be set to "Arrange" of course, otherwise you would get confused.
That's correct - you have to keep the track order in the Arrange which is not the best to my opinion.

My recommendation is to set the "Channel Strip" assignment (look at the Peter's image above) to Software Instrument. Set the proper instrument number for each assignment in the box to the right.
This is a "direct" assignment so it is not dependable of tracks order etc!