Logic Studio apps Tuner in MS weirdness

Robert Wilson


I'm trying to assign the tuner in MS to a pedal on my MF-1 and I must be missing something obvious.

In layout, I've assigned the pedal OK. I then Map parameter at concert level to:
Actions > Tuner.

Whilst still in Edit mode, pressing the pedal brings up the tuner. (although it registers nothing when I play my guitar).

Switching to perform fails to bring it up at all, although this might be because switching to perform defaults to a patch.

I've also just noticed (but have no idea if it relates to this problem) a little tuner badge at the top of the channel strip for Aux1.

Any ideas?
D'oh! Found it in the online manual, although not in the booklet that comes with the programme.
"When using the Tuner with a patch containing multiple channel strips, only audio from the first audio channel strip is sent to the Tuner, even if other channel strips in the patch have the same input source."