Logic Pro 9 TUNER plugin in Logic 9.1 issue?


I know.... It is a ridiculous built-in TUNER plugin, but it is annoying... My Korg DTR-2000 is in a rack in my live rig, and I just hate not having this little handy dandy tuner available on an insert. (metering>tuner). Seems as though it worked fine in Logic 9.0....hmmmmm

This plugin simply does not respond...it loads without issue, there is a signal on the channel that it is inserted on, but does not respond. It does not work in standard mode, or precision mode. However, it looks pretty :D....however it doesn't see the incoming signal from guitar or bass. FWIW, I generally have the channel record enabled by the time I get around to tuning.... I am sure it is something simple and stupid that I am overlooking, so lay it on me, and thank you all in advance!