Logic Pro 9 tuner problems, please help


hello everyone, I just purchased logic 9 studio and the book and the logic pro 9 book by david nahmani, i got to the part were you use the tuner and the tuner isnt picking up the guitar signal even though i am showing a signal in the channel, i press play on the demo and hear everything fine through the headphone but i dont hear the guitar through the headphones even though there is a signal, any advice? thanks in advance
can you hear it when you are recording?
with input monitoring button pushed on the channel strip?

is software monitoring turned on? preferences>audio

what version on what computer?

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thanks so much. okay i found out the problem, i didnt have the software monitoring box checked in audio preferences. thank you.. i have logic pro studios, and a macbook pro, 4 gigs ram, i am following the lessons from the book by david nahmni, and it is great but i opened the second lesson called "we shared everything" but when i load the song it say's the audio file was not found in its expeceted location, am i doing something wrong?
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no , david probably did the sessions on his drive called "x" then saved the session to the cd for the book.. now logic is expecting to find the files at drive "x" but its not there anymore.. just get logic to search for it.. it should find its new location either on the cd or if you have copied it to your HDD.
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