Logic Pro 9 Turn off (or workaround) midi comping?

Paul Zimmer


I've looked for an answer to this, but although there are a couple of threads, I can't find a solution to my problem. As with some other users, I'd love to be able to turn comping off, or at least find a better way of working around it. I'll describe why the process drives me so crazy in the hope that someone can suggest a workaround:

When playing in midi parts in with software instruments, I record in a lot of short takes - normally a couple of bars. Say for example, I'm playing in a drum part. I cycle round and round in a loop, playing the hats in over and over until i play a take that I know feels right. I might then want to add a kick and snare, so I cycle around the same couple of bars to layer these up, and then merge them with the hats. I might then repeat this process with other percusssion and by the end, I'll have a merged drum sequence that I'm happy with.

The above used to work very well before comping, but now it is a nightmare. Firstly, as mentioned above, I always know when I've played the best take in - because I just keep looping round until a take feels right - so having to file through multiple takes just slows me down, rather than speeds me up. But secondly and much more importantly, each time I do a new "pass" to play in a new part (as with the example above), the comping feature merges in my original flattened take (e.g. the hats) with my new set of takes (e.g. kick and snare). The only workaround for this that I've found is to copy the kick/snare take I like and then "paste at original position" this midi data into the hats take to merge them, then flatten the overall take. Doing this hundreds of times a day slows my work process down greatly.

I know that people will suggest that in the above example, I could create a new "same instrument" track for each additional drum part to keep my drum parts separate, but this isn't always my preferred way of working, and besides, for different instruments (for example a piano part), I wouldn't want a load of unnecessary "same instrument" tracks cluttering up the screen.

I'm also aware that there are other options in "Settings/Recording" that change the comping behaviour, but they change it to even worse options, such as "create tracks in cycle record", which just litters my workspace with additional duplicate tracks which I'll then want to delete.

I hope the above description makes sense, it's pretty hard to covey without visuals. This has been driving me crazy for about a year now and I've finally reached a boiling point of frustration (hence my first post to this group for years!), so if anyone can suggest a solution, I'll be very grateful.

Thanks in advance,