Logic Pro 9 TV Stem and Full Mix Delivery

I am currently working on a weekly television series. I need to deliver my mixes in six individual stems as well as a full stereo mix. I have a Logic template set up where I route the outputs of all my instruments to individual stem buses, which then all go to a master bus.

When I am mixing, I realize that if I put any bus plugins on the master bus, the full mix will then not be equal to the sum of all the buses.

I'm curious how others, who deliver stems and a full mix for film and TV, use bus compressors on both the individual stems and the mix.


Jay Asher

I do work with .wav files but prefer to record the stems directly into PT which eliminates the added step of placing the bounced files into the session. Even with the spot mode, it's still another persnickety thing to do. But most importantly for me, I like monitoring my mix through the PT sound card. I used to have to remix certain cues once I'd imported them into PT and listened to them because they simply didn't sound the same as when I'd mixed them in Logic.

You have more liking then for the 003's converters than I do. :D
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It's not that I like them. I've been using an RME card for years with Logic. It's just that when I hear my mixes in PT, they didn't sound the same and so I would have to go back and tweak the mixes. Mixing through the 003 eliminates those time consuming remixes. A TDM system would be best for me in that I would then be using the same cards as the post houses but the investment isn't worth it for me and has never been necessary in that my mixes have sounded fine in large dubbing stages.
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