Logic Pro X UAD Apollo w/Apogee Ensemble aggregate?


I have never tried to use two audio interfaces together before, and wondered if anyone here has any experience with these two together?
I currently have an Ensemble and love the convertors.
I will most likely get the UAD Apollo Quad Core instead of the 16 since I should be able to use the two units together for as many ins/outs as I would require.
Which one would be best as the master?
Any other concerns or caveats from using these two together?


Alan Hayes


I haven't tried the aggregate route so can't comment there but I think gdoubleyou may have hit it. At least in terms of using multiple ensembles in aggregate if that's ringing a bell with anyone. I went the route of running the Ensemble in stand alone mode as a converter only and connecting the two via the ADAT. That's been working great for me. You don't get as many inputs but it covers my needs. Hope that helps.
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