Uhbik names ...

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Dear Mr. Heckmann,
(no, not good)
(mhm, not better)
Dear Urs,
(almost ...)
Dear Mr. Heckmann, my beloved Urs,
(a bit overdone, not?)
Hey Urs, these names are ...
(no, too harsh)
Ok, found the best one:
Dear Urs,

I think you cannot imagine how much I love your Uhbik software. Well, perhaps you can, but I cannot imagine that you can imagine that oh My God I just tell you what I want to say: Can you give these pieces better names?

-F? Foobar? Faser? Flamish?
-P P P ... Plugin! Maybe Polyvinyldichloride.
-S ... swuush, softie, sampler, huh?
-T, that I know: Tremolo.

You'll get a kiss for thiss!