Logic Pro 8 Ultrabeat Logic Legacy Kits

In "Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 8 and Logic Express 8" by David Nahmani, the section programming in Ultrabeat uses the folder "04 Logic Legacy Kits" - But I only have folders 01 - 03.

I've tried to reinstall Logic 8, but to no avail. How can I find those kits?
Are they hidden away somewhere on the install discs?

I'm using a Logic Pro 8 that is an updgrade from Logic Express.
I seem to recall that when I installed Logic 9 there was an option in the custom install to also include Logic 7 legacy content. I expect it would also be in the Logic 8 installer.
Ah, yes
That option did exist on my installation DVD too - feel a bit of fool for missing it (twice!). Slightly comforted by the fact that there were some other Legacy stuff too that came with it - always nice to have some new sounds to play around with.

Thanks everyone!