Logic Pro 8 Ultrabeat Preview VERY LOUD!

Quick ?

Is it possible to control the volume of the preview in Ultrabeat.

I work at a comfortable level then when I start to preview ultrabeat samples they're deafeningly loud! They don't seem to be rooted through any logic channels. Would I need to look into the interface settings?
Open your mixer page, select "All" in the upper right hand selection boxes, and look for track 256. that is the main monitor levels for solos and things like this.

just turn it down.
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George, or anybody else...

I had problems finding channel 256 as the mixer wouldn't show it after selecting 'all'

I did manage to create channel 256 in the environment window though. It outputs logic loops etc but not the ultrabeat previews?

Any ideas?
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Ultrabeat previews di not go through the Audio channel strip named Prelisten.
Only the sample editor, loop browser, audio bin, etc use that channel.

Ultrabeat has it's own volume control and you could lower the level on the channel strip itself.

Also make sure UBs sequencer is not On if you have already dragged or recorded a pattern into Logics Arrange area. this would playback the sequence in UB and on the track simultaneously... effectively doubling the volume level!
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