Logic Pro 8 Ultrabeat Problems


Hey guys, I'm having some problems with Ultrabeat that feel like software issues, but i think this is something on my behalf.

Since the kits in 8 are just awful, i always make a custom kit. Problem is, after i save and exit logic, the next time i get on, Ultrabeat "forgets" or "misplaces" the sounds i added using the import function. I also tried loading the sample through the rectangle in ultrabeat's interface. Nevertheless, it still craps out.

So what's the proper technique of doing this? Ive tried the Import function and the sample rectangle in the interface. Just doesnt make sense.
Strange, CDub.

You might make sure that the imports (whether "kits", "banks" from other UltraBest stuff, or EXS instruments (which it will play), or random audio samples - are in the correct locations - where Logic wants them. I am unsure where "random" wave samples should be located.

Wish I could help you further - Ultrabeat is seriously good, IMHO, but I don't know many of it's quirks.

Gud luck.
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Have a look at whether "Ultrabeat samples" is checked in your song saving dialog.
I know, it's rather stupid and UB shouldn't ask for the sample locations as long as you don't move them (no other drum sampler on earth does...), but then, this has been an endless pain for me already, too. Guess it's not going to change any day soon (heck, why would it even ask for the location of the samples when I imported an EXS kit and reload the song?).

- Sascha
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