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I am new to Logic and trying to create my first full drum track using Ultrabeat. Here's what I want to do - seems like it shouldn't be too difficult. First I use the step sequencer in Ultrabeat to create a simple 4/4 beat with bit of hi hat etc for the verses. Then I can drag it into the Arrange window and humanise etc. Sounds pretty good. I now have verses.

What I want to do next is take this basic beat and embellish it for the chorusses, middle 8 etc, add fills and some variety for different chorusses. Then drag them into position and I should have a complete drum track.

Trouble is when I alter the Ultrabeat pattern, the verses that I have already dragged into the Arrange window now change to the embellished versions as well so it seems it's all or nothing. Seems to me that I should be able to somehow lock the verses into position in the Arrange window then go back and create the chorus in Ultrabeat without changing the verse. Can anyone help? I would prefer to leave the track as midi rather than bounce to audio, which is one way of doing it.
Change the pattern by changing the base note in the lower left hand corner Look for the "C-1", change the note allows you to change the pattern...

I'd suggest a quick Logic Instruments manual read for this one ;-)


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OK; I see. Change the pattern rather than edit the original pattern in step sequencer. So I can have A1 for the chorus, C1 for the verse etc.

Seems to work - thanks. Nice simple way to start for a beginning drum programmer.

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Then I can drag it into the Arrange window and humanise etc. Sounds pretty good.
Ok, since you're doing this I guess you are not any longer playing UB's patterns by its sequencer but rather from MIDI regions in the arrange window. Then the best answer to your question about adding fills and stuff is that you should create one or two more tracks of the same channelstrip and put additional MIDI regions there for fills and stuff. Just make sure you are not penning in a specific drum hit (Note Number) that duplicates a hit already played in the main beat region.

When editing such an additional MIDI region in the Piano Roll editor you can select both the additional and the main beat regions to see everything going on in the drums department. With the additional MIDI fills-n-stuff track selected in the arrange window your Piano Roll edit tools will affect the add-stuff region.