Logic Studio apps Ultrabeat: speeding up naming of tracks?


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Im wondering if there's a faster way of naming the tracks for the patterns in multi-output.

The way ive found to do it is create the multioutput, create the aux tracks, name the aux tracks, input the pattern/region, split the region by note pitch, go through each region and listen to the noise, reassign the track to the respective noise.

It seems really inefficient and im thinking that im doing it by a long winded method and there's a faster way?
No joy on other methods i guess then guys?

I just gone through the manual on it again and unless im missing a large part of it it doesnt help. I cant believe it. Seriously. It's really bad design for such a quality plug in in my opinion, especially when you include the splitting and arranging procedure.

Im going to make a post on the apple boards, as hey, you never know! :)