Logic Pro X Ultrabeat tempo problem

Hello, I'm stuck. I have a song, with audio and midi tracks already recorded at 140 bpm, now I am auditioning Ultrabeat sequences but they don't exactly match up to the recorded audio tracks. Is there a way I can play with the tempo of the sequencer to match the rhythm of the already existing tracks? Usually speeding up or slowing down the bpm is what I would do to alter the Ultrabeat sample but in this situation it effects the audio negatively.

Thanks in advance if you can help me.
UB sequences are in sync with the project tempo.

Do you want to slow down the UB sequence to a half time feel in relation to the audio? Or, do you want to modify the position of UB sequence hits to match up with the audio?
With your UB pattern active, drag the Pattern icon to the tracks area to create a MIDI file of the pattern. Turn off the UB sequencer.
Place the playhead on a key audio track transient, then align the MIDI notes in the piano roll (Depending on the zoom level in the piano roll, Smart snap may work as needed. Or turn off Snap - ⌘G is the toggle. ). Repeat.

You'll have to decide if the changes to the drum pattern remain musically intact.
Drag Pattern to Arrange.png
Thanks a lot for trying to solve this. Trying to align the pattern in the piano roll is proving tricky but maybe I need to get better at this. There are other ways to snap the events into certain renderings like playing w the quantization but it is all guessing for me.
Assuming on my part that your song is all in the same time signature, e.g. 4/4, UB patterns will play along. You like the sound and the groove but the issue is aligning key accents or beats with your audio tracks.

1. Open the UB matrix in full view, select a blank pattern, then enter notes to create your own pattern that fits the audio.
2. If you like a preset pattern and some of it fits the audio, copy the parts that work to an empty pattern, then proceed to add additional parts that work for your audio. Right click on a voice - Kick - select Copy voice and sequence, then go to an empty pattern in the pattern pop up, right-click on Kick, paste voice, then paste sequence. Repeat for the voices you want, then program your own patterns for say high hats or whatever.
3. You can also program drum patterns in the step editor.
4.Setup a Drummer track with an Electronic drummer. Adjust the X-Y complexity pad, sliders on the Kick, Cymbals, and Percussion. Adjust the Fill knob. Maybe you'll generate a pattern that fits.