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Hey-hey! For the past while i have been using the "Electronic" drum kits and have finally gotten into ultrabeat. i am customizing a drum kit and was wondering if there is any possible way to import a kick (for instance) from an Electronic kit to ultrabeat. Ultrabeat may be nice but their kicks and snares are very poor. any ideas? :confused:
From the Help docs:

Importing Sounds and EXS Instruments into Ultrabeat
Ultrabeat can directly import EXS instruments, in addition to loading audio samples and its own settings. This facilitates enhanced sound design and rhythm processing options for EXS instruments. A further bonus is the ability to play and control EXS drum kits with Ultrabeat's intuitive drum mixer layout.

You use Ultrabeat's import list to add drum sounds and sequences from other Ultrabeat settings or EXS instruments to your currently active Ultrabeat drum kit (see Adding Sounds and Sequences to Your Ultrabeat Drum Kit). You can also import an entire EXS instrument by dragging an EXS instrument file from the Finder directly onto the Assignment section (see Importing Entire EXS Instruments into Ultrabeat).

That said try this:

Make sure you are in the voice editor in ultrabeat

1) Select the drum voice you want to change
2) Right click on it and select the "init" and then "Sample"
3) There is a rectangle box in the lower left hand area of the editor. that is the oscillator type box. There is a tiny down arrow in it, select "Load Sample" and find the new kik you want, then add it.

Now you have the new kik.

George Leger III
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Hi Cdub,
...may be a dumb question
... did you check the import function ...isnt'it?
(upper left (next to auto select) / import / drum banks / chose a kick bank, then drag the sound you like to the desired slot)
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I assume that, if you're talking about importing a sound, you mean an audio file, right?
That can be done using the 3rd (bottom) OSC, which can be set to load a sample instead of generating the sound on its own. You can then load a file from a file menu (right/option click) or simply drag one from the finder onto the appropriate field. Loading the sound from the internal file menu also offers an option to preview the sound "in context".

- Sascha
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First, thank you all for your replies and time.

What ive done is used an ultrabeat kit and imported sounds from an exs24 kit, specifically the hard techno remix kit. sounds fine so far...

i made some new edits to the project last night, opened it up this morning and the sounds i imported from exs would not play back. :angryfire:

it asked me to locate the sounds which is BS, then it wouldnt play some of the ultrabeat sounds that originally came with ghost town kit. Before all this, I reshaped the sound (called 'pong') that was originally with ultrabeats ghost town kit so it would be unique so to speak, but it wont play back at all. Does all of this ALWAYS happen? :brkwl:

oh god. it asks me EVERY TIME I OPEN IT

is there something with EXS24 that just doesnt work with ultrabeat? thats where the sounds come from, and they work fine until im done with logic. im importing sounds from Hard Techno Remix kit into Ghost town kit. any ideas?

all help much appreciated
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