Logic Pro 8 Ultrabeat

Hello, I am a new member and I have Logic Pro 8. I have been told that Ultrabeat comes with drum kits, but I can't seem to find any drum kits. Is this true or do I need to purchase software that has drum kits?

They are in the library. Either use the plug-in's preset roll-down menu or keep the library tab of the media window open to the right - they are all listed there if clicking the plug-in slot in the channel strip to the left.
Hi Per Boysen,
Thanks for your reply. I am a bit slow figuring out Ultrabeat. I clicked under i/o and selected ultrabeat with multi output, but I checked under library on the right side and I don't see any drum kits. This section is blank. Is there something else that I need to do in order to view the drum kits?


Make sure you click the actual Ultrabeat plugin in the I/O section of the Inspector on the left of your Arrange Window. There should be a little colored halo outline around it. The area of the Channel Strip with the halo around it determines what the library will display. With the Ultrabeat plugin selected (ie: clicked on and has a halo aroudn the name) the Library will display all the presets for it. You will find the drum kits there.
Hi Eli, I tried what you said. I have ultrabeat highlighted with the halo around it, but when I click on Library there is nothing there. Maybe I need to reinstall Logic, or maybe I need to purchase drum kits. I am thinking to reinstall the program and hope that it this will fix the issue, or I will just purchase drum kits.
I have another question regarding Ultrabeat. Can I use my keyboard to trigger drum kits instead of trying to figure out if the snare should be on the 2 and 4th beat? It seems to difficult figuring out a pattern by just clicking on the bass drum and coming up with a pattern. I think it is easier to just tap out the beat. In that case do you recommend that I use ultrabeat, or would you recommend just laying a down a drum track and editing it manually?

Thank you!


Hi Jeff,

First of all, there are no additional drum kits specifically for Ultrabeat to be purchased. Are you using Logic Express or Logic Pro? Because I've heard that Express comes with a limited subset of the kits in Pro.


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Secondly, yes; you can trigger the Ultrbeat sounds from your midi keyboard. As far as programming patterns, if you are not a specific fan of the step sequencing pattern style internal to Ultrbeat, you can by al means just program up your beats in Logic's Arrange (or editor) windows as you would anything else. This is my personal preferred way of using Ultrabeat. It's not better or worse, I just happen to be more used to and comfortable with working this way.
Hi Eli, I am using Logic Pro 8. I think that I will just create my own beats in the arrange menu; I am looking to purchase loops from P5audio. Have you heard of these loops? Garageband has pretty good loops, but they don't seem like radio quality. Thanks for your input.
Hi Jeff,

No, I haven't heard of those specific loops. But the question remains, how come your Ultrabeat drum kits aren't showing up in the either the preset menu or the Library?

Have you moved any of the content on your hard drive around after installation?
Either that or you're still somehow not looking in the right place. Those are the only two conclusions I can arrive at with the current info (Man, I've been watching too much House MD lately!!). :D
MIDI input and UB

I'm using both methods- I'll use the step sequencer to lay down a basic beat, and then trigger additional UB sequences using the gum-rubber pads on my Novation ReMote.

Of course you know you can drag patterns from UB into the arrange window for advanced MIDI editing, etc...
Re: What are the drums?

Hi Eli,
But the question remains, how come your Ultrabeat drum kits aren't showing up in the either the preset menu or the Library?

This has been the most puzzling thing about Logic Pro. I spoke to a representative today who told me that it is possible that some of my drum sets, and possibly some other information might be hidden. He told me to go to applications and check my hard drive, but I have been searching Logic, but I am not sure where he was referring too. Do you know where I can check to see if there are files that are hidden?


Try looking in your global Library folder:

Hard Drive ---> Library ---> Application Support ---> Logic --->

There should be a sub folder in there with your Ultrabeat samples.