Logic Pro 9 Unable to link exe instrument with samples


Unable to link EXS instrument with samples

I have tried everything I know to do besides manually loading samples back into EXS. I have a great number of instruments and this would likely take the remainder of my lifetime.
All the samples are in the same folder as the instrument, logic asks to continue or search again and the search again function seems to be pointless as I have NEVER seen it find a single sample after searching again.
I also have Redmatica's EXS Manager Pro and this doesn't seem to help either. I have tried it in simplified and advanced mode. This is very frustrating that Apple doesn't offer you some method of doing this easily.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about this, I would GREATLY appreciate it.
kind regards,
Alan Hayes

Alan F

sharing the same EXS frustration

Not sure I can help; I am just as frustrated.

This week I had a new hard drive fitted to my 27" iMac at Apple's recommendation (some drives were faulty apparently so done under guarantee). I used Time Machine to reinstall all Apps and Files. All OK except most of my EXS files were missing. I have used "Logic Pro / download additional content" three times now and still I am missing some files. They have also disappeared from each Logic project file.

It takes HOURS to download!! I know GarageBand and Logic share EXS files but I am very confused - and empathetic of your situation.

Has anyone experienced this? any solutions?


rebuild spotlight index

Have you tried rebuilding your Spotlight index? (EXS uses Spotlight to find/locate samples)


I didn't have any missing samples, they were all in the same directory as the instrument. Logic just refused to see them. I moved them from the external drive I had them on, back to the system drive and everything worked properly then. Following the instructions on reindexing your drives may help you.

Good luck!

Alan F

Thanks for the suggestion. In the end I downloaded all the content again - and it seems to have worked. I was definitely missing some files - the Library had very few EXS files in it after the transfer from Time Machine. I think my Mac was going to sleep overnight when I was doing the previous downloads so didn't complete properly. This time I sat and monitored everything to ensure the download completed - what a waste of a Saturday! Oh well.

Back to doing some music now. Yeaahhh !!!

Thanks again.

Colin Shapiro

I also have Redmatica's EXS Manager Pro and this doesn't seem to help either. I have tried it in simplified and advanced mode.
When you use EXSManager, it's best to only re-link certain folders of instruments and samples at one time.

Logic used to have a Manager function (v-e-r-y s-l-o-w) but it vanished in v8. Redmatica was bought by Apple some time ago, and we can only wait and hope that some of this wonderful functionality will appear in an update to Logic X.