Logic Pro 9 Unable to lock Video in Logic


I received a movie file from a Client with no SMPTE Timecode.

Currently I had assigned the areas for which I have to score music and set different Markers. I had locked the Markers too. And now When I wanna use Tap tempo feature, after tapping I find the Audio and Markers remain at the same position as they are SMPTE locked. But the Video Keeps moving to the previous Bars:(, when the tempo changes. Is there a way to sort this out?

"Lock Video in Logic Pro?"

Frame Rate of the Video is 25.
I want the video to exactly start at 2 1 1 1 and Cue will come later.

Since the video has no SMPTE time I'm suffering a lot. Request your help as I need to submit this project ASAP.


-Jaikumar Sivalingam
(Logic 9.1.8,Macbook Pro)
I don't think video will move its start point (in time) unless you have physically manipulated it in the global tracks or used the Synchronization settings.

I'd guess your problem is you've changed the tempo between bar one and bar two after you put the movie in place, thus it no longer starts at bar two. You need to change the tempo from bar one to bar two so that the movie lines up on bar two again. Unfortunately, this will likely affect your timings later by whatever amount you change things.


Here is a link to some very useful software to add BITC to your video:
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