Understanding benefit of external drive


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I'm in the process of transferring my Logic to a new computer - an iMac with 1TB of memory. It will be used exclusively for Logic.

Since I have so much space, does it make sense to still keep my loops and songs on a separate external drive - or to just keep everything on the iMac? I'm just trying to understand the pros/cons so I can figure out my best course of action.

Any suggestions/info would be appreciated!!!

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Depends on how you work and how dense your projects are. If you are really pushing your system (ie: lots of soft synths using lots of voices with lots of big sample sets all loaded in simultaneously, and/or lots of audio files/tracks being read simultaneously, and/or lots of physical I/O and recording lots of multiple tracks simultaneously, and/or lots of software instruments that stream part of the sample set rather than loading them all into ram, and/or working with QT video simultaneously) then yes, allocating resources across multiple drives will be of benefit.