Logic Pro 9 Undo History/Solo Safe


I have two concerns.

1. I noticed that volume and panning changes are not included in the undo history.

2. Solo safe doesn't mute the sends. For example, suppose I had 4 string channels and 4 brass channels, and they all had sends to a solo-safe Aux channel with Reverb. If I solo the strings, I expect to only hear strings, and all other channels, except the Reverb Aux channel, to be muted. However, when I solo the strings, I can still hear the brass sends.

Can I change either of these things?
I think you're SOL on both counts unfortunately.

There's no way to modify what is included/excluded in the Undo history. And the way solo safe works on aux tracks is that it keeps the aux active. And that includes all the signals reaching it, regardless of where they originate from.

What you can do however is solo the string tracks from the Arrange Window. That way you'll get what you are looking for; only those tracks, including their send destination processing, playing back. You would in effect hear the aux tracks with only those source tracks being processed.
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I, and many other producers, have been livid for years about the lack of faders and panning in undo steps. It's pathetic and inexcusable. Years we've waited. Countless sessions completely F#$%^& by these omissions, generally leading to a loss of anywhere fromm 10 minutes to an hour or more of work (all time since your last save, then you must wait to reload your song). This is my single biggest beef with Logic.
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It should be called the "Partial/Random Undo semi-History". :brkwl:

The techies at Apple will probably explain that not every single move and tweak can be listed in an Undo History, but it certainly gets frustrating.....
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