Logic Pro 9 Uneven processor usage


I've read a few threads in various places about this, but nothing to fix my problem:
I'm running 20-30 EXS instances and having stuttering playback because one processor of my two (see my signature for hardware configuration) is overtaxed while the other sits around.
I've looked at
which seems to make sense, but doesn't really apply to my situation, as I use minimal plugins on buses, auxes and outputs. I need to make some of my EXS instances use one processor, the rest, the other.

Is this possible?
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
OK, with X.6.3 there is an improvement, has anyone else noticed this?


I have wrote to Steve Jobs on the 30th of March , no answer !

I was obliged not to use IAC !

Now using VE PRO server I get load on the 7th processor

It is a Logic problem as when I monitor CPU load with "activity monitor" the load is even


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Sorry to hear that Cyril! With my files I noticed that I can now play ones which previously stuttered or stopped. However, the processor usage is a bit unpredictable - sometimes the load is spread evenly between them (I have only 2!), other times the 2nd processor is close to capacity. So far though, it is much better for me.
I think you will not have a reply from Mr. Jobs...
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