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I'm trying to clean up my old computer and need to remove Logic 8 and it's various and related components from it. (I have a new computer running Logic Studio 9.) Is there a way of doing this simply? My ultimate goal is to only have the Logic 9 node on the old computer. Thanks,
A very quick and easy way would be to take a copy of everything valuable from the machine, then format with the mac os disk.

This would leave your machine with a fresh, clean install ready to have only the software you actually need back on.

As far as 'uninstalling' programs goes your guess is as good as mine. The application 'files' are actually large 'bundles' of files so when you delete those, a substantial quantity of the data relating to that program will be deleted, but still some files will remain in other locations. These could be found relatively easily with spotlight or by using the search in Finder.

Also, I'm pretty sure mac os doesn't work in the same way as windows in terms of system registry so it would be fine to remove applications without having to uninstall them and fix the system reg. Although I'm sure google will correct me if I'm wrong.

You may find this useful too:

There must be other options if these don't suit. Best of luck.
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