Logic Pro 9 unknown level parameter


Using the instrument channel strip called 'Warm Analog Lead' ( ES2) the channel volume resets to +4.3dB whatever I do:

The track automation volume level is set to zero, the 4 plugins are all muted, and even if they're on and I reduce the output gains, the channel level insists on +4.3 dB. This is reached when the MIDI volume ( set by foot pedal originally), climbs to the high 100s.

I thought that, regardless of what the MIDI volume does, if I set the channel to be 0 dB that will override the MIDI.

Channel 'read' is set OFF.

I can turn the ES2 down internally and it's quieter, but that fader still rises to +4.3dB

At a particular point the +4.3 suddenly drops but I just can't find that blasted parameter.

What am I missing?



It's in the collection of preset channel strips under 'Synthesizer/leads'

I had a beginner student who showed up with these rather wonderful tracks that he had made almost immediately on opening Logic for the first time.

When I asked him how he got those interesting sounds ( I was thinking of splashing out on Omnisphere) he looked at me like I was crazy. " I just opened some of the instruments in Logic" he said, all innocent, like :)

Up till then I had played a bit with ES1 and so on and found them interesting but not very. By combining them with fx plugins Logic have made them rather more interesting :)
I will be using one of the leads ( modified of course) on the current album, if the bandleader doesn't complain :)

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