Logic Pro 9 Unknown Ultrabeat Bug


the video pretty much explains the problem... anyone any idea?

just upgraded our studio G5 to a Mac Pro, and are in the process of loading all our Logic 8 sessions into Logic 9 for some new fresh mixes. Everything's migrated over fine, from UAD-1e plug-in settings to ESX24 samples... but i'm just having one problem.

it's a problem i encountered a few years ago, that must've gone unresolved or just fixed itself somehow... but now it's coming back to haunt me!

for anyone who's not watching the video, a sample i've loaded into Ultrabeat multi-output, down it's own channel, doesn't playback. then when it's triggered again, two will play? on other sessions, i'm having the same problem, i'll trigger the sample once... nothing, i'll trigger it twice... nothing and then the third time, i get THREE instances of the sample all going off in very quick succession.

i'm by no means a n00b... i've been using Logic 8/9 (and unfortunately X) for the best part of 6 years now, and there's not many things about this software that i'm not aware of... so when something does catch me out - i go to the trouble of uploading a video and asking about it :)

cheers everyone