Logic Pro 9 unstable logic 9.1: latency issues and crashing


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hi there,

I am a new member here, but not new to logic as I have run it on a G5 for the last 5 years- quite seamlessly. Since upgrading to an intel mac pro quad and logic 9.1, over the last week or so, I have had innumerable crashes and some latency issues.

First off- I was wondering whether it had to do with 32 bit versus 64 bit- I was running in 32 bit mode and my computer is 64 bit.

As well, I was running logic 8 files when the crashes started happening. that being said, I have been trying just a few AU:confused:'s and the darn beast would quit on me

I also noticed more crashes after upgrading to logic 9.1.....

the latency issues happen when I start using a UAD card- only a few plugins and then when I want to switch back to recording mode from mixing, I have to literally remove (not bypass) the UAD plug-in, in order to remove latency. I never had these kind of issues when on the dual G5 running logic 7 and 8.

Very unstable but fast environment- feels like I'm driving a fast sports car that is out of control

anyone have possible solutions?

Would my sound card be an issue?

Mac quad 6 gigs of memory
MOTU 828
UAD-1 card
logic 9
I thought it was set to 64 bit (mac pro quad)- how do I switch this anyhow?

So I take it that I should run logic at 32 bit as well

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First off: the 64 bit OS/ 32 bit Logic thing. Mac OS runs in 32 bit mode by default. You actually have to tell the computer to run in 100% 64 bit mode.

IF you do, your UAD card won't work... there are no 64 but drivers for it.

You change how Logic uses 32 vs 64 bit by selecting the application icon by clicking on it ONCE, and then holding your command key then press your " i " key to get info. There is a check box to turn 32 bit on or off. Logic can run n either a 32 or 64 bit OS

You can run Logic in 64 bit on a 32 bit OS. Your plugins that are 32 bit will run in a AU shell app.

Latency when using UAD cards is a fact. They use large additional buffers. You should only use them while mixing. IF you try and record when they are active, you will experience huge latency.

When mixing, don't forget to go into Logic and change how the preferences>audio>general Plug-in Latency setting is set. when recording use "Audio software and instrument tracks" when mixing select "All".

and yes... it is Voodoo!

George Leger III
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ok- thanks for the helpful insight regarding 64 bit- so I will keep both running at 32 bit for now I take it......

Yeh- UAD does cause latency, but even when I removed the plug-in, the latency was still there and wouldn't go away after re-setting the buffer size.
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Then it's something else. The UAD cards don't cause this kind of issue... I know: I have 5 UAD-1s and a UAD-2 Duo, and have never seen this on any Mac or PC I have used them on in about 6 years.

Do you have a multipressor plugin instantiated? Or a liner phase EQ? Both of these plug-ins cause latency, and chances are if you used one of the preset settings on your master out or one of your tracks, it might be there and you not know it.

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@monkeymike: I would suggest you attach one of the crash logs to a message here - there is always the chance (no guarantee) that there may be some info in the crash log which indicates a possible cause of your problems. Please don't copy paste the log into a message though, please use the "attach files" function.

You mentioned some crashes happened using some AUs. Which were they, and which versions? Did you migrate from your G5 to the intel mac, or did you do a fresh install?

kind regards

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