Unused plugins


My Plug-in Manager has a huge list with many items being previous versions.
Does having such a long list cause any performance detriment on luanch, and either way, is there an easy way to remove the legacy plugins from the list? Or, indeed, any point in doing so?

Woah, that's three questions rolled into one.
- A list (= AU-cache) of installed plugins is checked upon launch and briefly compared with what is actually there. A longer list does not change launch time substantially. Unless AU-cache does not reflect the actually installed plugins, then any new ones get scanned which may take a couple seconds. If AU-cache gets corrupted or otherwise unreadable, all plugins will get scanned once and this will take long when there's plenty.
- To remove a plugin, you can use a plugin's Deinstaller if there is one, or you go into MacHD/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components and weed out the least hot stuff. You can delete them for good, or move them elsewhere. Launch Logic and AU-cache will be updated.
- If not performance wise from Logic, you will find that a shorter list of plugins to wade through every time you want a plain vanilla EQ will speed up *your* performance significantly.
thanks for that! .
Glad there's little performance loss.
I was afraid I would have to shift old components out. I wouldn;t dream of trashing them in case an old project insisted on a particular version, either programwise or performancewise.
As for my workflow, I have a handful of suites with legacy versions, eg. Izotope. which do indeed lengthen my insert list :)
I'll try tidying the space up and see where I get to.
In my experience having many plugins installed may cause a slightly longer launch time for Logic Pro, but in comparison with other DAWs on the same machine - in particular Cubase and Nuendo - Logic launches quickly.

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Thanks Mark. I guess the point that Christian raised is the most relevant, in that when I am seeking a plugin for a channel strip my list is rather long.

Always a pleasure Pete. WRT speeding up looking for plugins, I can highly recommend Speakerfood's Plugsearch:

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