Logic Pro 8 unwanted phase like sound on drums. help!


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so i have one drum track that was done in a drum machine sequencer and then i made a second track too do an overdub by hand, a cymbal and snare. in the intro and verse the snare will sound phasey as i'm guessing it's off time by a fraction of a second or something. reason i did the 2nd drum track by hands was i wanted a certain over dub groove/swing. the snare hits off time on the second track with the extra snare hit in an empty space sounds great but when the two are on top of each other i get a phasey kinda sound and it's bad. this is a hip hop song so i need it real clear smooth and heavy.

i tried using some delay and panning it out the way but i still get the weird phase sound on the drums. what's the best way to do this. i was thinking maybe leaving in the parts where the snare doesn't hit at the same time and then in a drum sequencer programming the other part that hits at the same time so it's identical, but i might loose some swing. rrrr sorry if this sounds confusing but i'm obsessed with my tracks like everyone else here and i want great mixes!

Peter Ostry

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Are the overdubs from the same sequencer with the same sound? Then you cannot avoid the phasing and even if you could it would not make sense because the same sound sample accurate in phase is still the same sound just louder. If you do not use real instruments you should choose another sound for the overdubs.

You can try to detune and/or modulate the second sound but I don't think the result will be as good as with a different sound.


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yeah it's the main drum machine in logic and i'm using one i programed and then added a second i did by hand with triggers using the hip hop heavy kit. i only get that weird sound in my hook when the two snares hit at the same time. if they don't hit at the same time like an extra snare hit or two it doesn't happen. but yeah the louder i turn the second one up the more the effect sounds like that. but i don't get that because i've droped and dragged a sequence into logic and have had the sequencer playing the same thing in unision on top and had no issues. i guess it's the second track. it's not horrible i just wanted the beats to sound solid. hmmm i guess i'll try to program the extra hits and everything on the same stereo track or maybe i could keep the high hat at the same level and just turn off or turm the snare low in the drum program itself and automate it to turn back up on the verse where it doesn't happen. i have protools also and some users over there told me to put it in wave format and use beat detective and re-import it. guess i'll have to experiment.