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Urban Utan

Good morning everybody,

I would like to have two extra keycommands in the piano roll editor.

One for moving a selection of notes a semitone upward


One for moving a selection of notes a semitone downward.

Best regards,

Urban Utan from Rotterdam.
which keycommand

Hi Michael,

I would like to know to which keycommands your
"option-arrow up/down" keycombination refers.

Can you look it up for me in the keycommands window ?

Thanks !

Urban Utan
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which keycommand ?

I am sorry, but they are not.

a keycombination you press on the keyboard
refers to a keycommand in the keycommandwindow.

The keycombination can be customized.

I use the "option-arrow up/down" for an other keycommand.

That is why I like to know, to which keycommand your keycombination(option-arrow up/down) refers.


Urban Utan.
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no wish anymore

I found out that the keycommands that move a note up or down
can be found in : logic pro->preferences->key commands->arrange and various editors.

they are called :

•Event Transpose +1

and :

•Event Transpose -1

So this is not a wish for the list.


Urban Utan.
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