Update The Esx24 sampler


I been checking out all the updates on some of the daws out there including Reason 5 and Sonar X1. I for one would like to see the Exs24 have the ability to sample directly. I mean you arm it and sample right into it and use the editing features that are already there.All of reason 5 samplers and players and drum machine can sample,why not do the same with the Exs24,that would be a "Great Update"we can load samples into it why not sample with it and give it a "Chop Feature" and the ability to assign the sample slices to keys that you want to to trigger and Layering more than one sample on a key.I don't know if it can already do this,this is Just my "Wish List of things i would like to see it do.Also Revampe the Rhodes,Organ and Clavanet,make them sound thicker or bigger,thy sound thin and Add a "Pianet plugin.:)