Logic Pro X Updating or Downloading Logic X on OS Catalina


If you have an older Mac, such as my late-2013 iMac or my 2016 MacBook Pro, upgraded to OS Catalna, and subsequently encountered problems with your older version of Logic Pro X not loading, or you want a newer version than, let's say version 10.2, I found a solution that should work.

Many as myself have gone to the App Store looking for an update but the Updates tab yields "No Updates"- and when you do a search for Logic X in the store, it merely says "Open". If you don't have Logic currently installed, there will be the "GET" option, but when you click it, you get a message saying that it requires MacOS Big Sur or later.

The solution is found by clicking on your user icon at the bottom left of the App Store window.

It will open your previous purchases with download icons next to them. In the case of my iMac, it updating my pre-existing Logic Pro. Regarding my MacBook, which had version 10.4.4,, I had to first move Logic to the Trash Bin before the option to download the 2016 version appeared.

I did so, and now both my Macs have Logic Pro 10.6.3 which has significant improvements over the previous versions-

This applies to GarageBand and a number of other apps as well-

Here's the not quite minute long YouTube video that averted my purchasing a new iMac 24 with OS Ventura to overcome the Logic 10.2 non-loading issue-

It's a shame that a phone call with Apple tech support, as polite and patient as they were, did not mention this-