Upgrade from Clovertown to Westmere?


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I am currently running Logic 9.1.2 on an 8-core, 3GHz Intel "Clovertown" Mac Pro however I am considering upgrading to the new 8-core, 2.4GHz Intel "Westmere" Mac Pro.

I am considering an upgrade because I've noticed that my rig has been slowing down and my CPU is getting bogged down - and I figured that since the Mac Pro is 4 years old it may be time for an upgrade?

I am running 8GB RAM and am heavy-handed with VI's (Omnisphere, Trillian, Native Instruments Battery, Electri6ity, Vienna, etc) and plugs (Gtr Rig, PSP, Soundtoys, T-racks, etc)

I read a previous post that recommended going with 8-cores over 4, however I am wondering if the Westmere processor is markedly faster than the Clovertown (even though it has less GHz).

Can anyone enlighten me???

I recommend you study the posted specs on a site called everymac.com. It's got info on Apple Macs from 1986 to the 12-core Westmere, and many sidebars with tech help, too. The Clovertown is no slouch in terms of its "Geekbench" rating of 9,072. But starting with the Nehalem processors you get the advantage of hyper-threading and on-core memory controllers, as well as faster memory speeds, etc. The six-core Westmere has a Geekbench of 15,016, which means a tangible 50% bump in overall speed improvement. On the other hand, the current 4-core Nehalem Mac Pro has a Geekbench of 9,865..not so big an improvement from what you have.

If money is no object, the 12-core Westmere gets recognized by OSX as 24 virtual cores, and its Geekbench rating of 22,677 would set you free! Your system usage sounds like you should be running 16 to 32GB of memory in 64bit mode, regardless of your processor. But you could get a faster core for what that additional memory will cost.


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Thanks so much - that site is extremely helpful! I think I'm going to get an addtl 8GB of RAM for around $300 as opposed to taking the plunge on a new machine.

Yes I see how the newer processors have faster memory speeds but I'm hoping this will at least solve my occasional "Memory Is Getting Low" warnings when running a bunch of audio, some plugs and a few instances of Omnisphere, Predator & Trillian.

In any event I'm wondering if this will have any effect on the CPU levels? In bigger sessions I have all 8 cores firing and up to 60% and I notice some sluggishness even with a higher buffer speed etc. I'm assuming that has to do with the processor speed?

Thanks for your help!