Thats interesting to me as there are a number of sites saying people are doing 16 in these..
mac says 8..b4 I start buying (pulling teeth) mem Im looking at all of this...the 4gb stks are high right now..the 2s are reasonable.. It came w/3 GB, can I put 2 4's and 2 1's???
That would give me 10...

Another reason I throw things out there, 1 site says the quad is 8 TB HDD all bays, another says 4...The 1 TB WD Blacks are around 119..I want a large drive, 2nd internal for all of my sample libs, as on the G5, Ive run out of space in a hurry.

I dont understand your question on what is the size of the SL disk...

Thank you George for the suggestions..