Logic Pro 9 Upgraded From 8, Can't Find Some New Content


Hmmm...did the default upgrade from 8 to 9, and can't find some new content, such as the new vocals, or the new EXS stuff.

Did I blow the install? I didn't de-select a thing.

How to fix?


The only real new content are the Voices Jam Pack - and you should be able to find these patches in the Garageband sub folder of your instrument list in the EXS 24; and the new warped IRs for Space Designer. These should be easily found from the preset menu in the Space Designer plug in.

Other than that, there are some new presets here and there for various plug ins. Check under the compressor - I seem to recall that this one has some new presets.


Thanks, Eli!

I found the warped IRs, but for some unknown reason was under the misimpression that the new jam pack stuff would be identified in some special way.

I'll boot up and look for the new patches. It's good to know I didn't perform the installation incorrectly.

I like the new version a lot. The added audio capabilities are wonderful for doing sound design especially, something I wind up doing as part of the music in a lot of the ads I compose for.

Until Logic 8, I spent my entire DAW life with DP, so having this forum with such knowledgeable Logic users is a godsend!


Turns out that the upgrade install did NOT install the new content. I had wondered why it didn't ask me for the additional content or any jam pack disks.

So today I went to the install disk, selected the new stuff, and lo and behold...it installed a bunch of data, asked me for the jam pack 3 disk, and later the additional content disk.

When I opened the loops window, there was the new vocal loop content. It also added additional space designer content and Xtreme content.

So if you're doing an upgrade, I'd check to see that you are getting everything you want installed and open the selection triangles on the install disk.