Logic Pro 8 Upgraded Line6 POD Farm and lost my logic settings


When I upgraded to the current version of POD Farm, my logic sessions load the default plugin setting rather than the saved settings in any song they were saved in. And if I try to load saved Logic settings from the droplist, the same thing happens.

Did Line6 give any thought to how this would impact Logic users [deafening silence]? I think I'm going to have to restore the old version of the plugin from my backup drive. Looks like I'm stuck on an old version because Line6 treated the upgrade like it's a brand new plugin.

Any thoughts? :brkwl:
You know, I upgraded my version of GuitarPort to POD Farm but I never actually used it in a track yet...I am sorta glad I haven't yet when I read things like this!

Really, all you can do is email Line 6 support and let them know. Perhaps they can update the update!

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I guess that's both good and bad: bad because you are missing out on some great fx and good because you haven't been hit with this atrocity of compatibility. It's pretty lame that a simple incremental update would ignore the previous logic sessions. Unbelievable. I'll be calling them during the day tomorrow and updating here accordingly.
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