Logic Pro 8 Upgrading to Leopard?

I'm finally considering upgrading to Leopard...
However, a friend of mine did so with the exact same type of computer as I have (G5. double 2 GHz, 3,5 GB Ram) and got in trouble. The computer got real slow and Logic was working very poorly (could hardly handle 3 events of EXS 24 (!).
Is there any recommended system requirements for upgrading to Leopard?
Should I stay with 10.4.11?




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My suggestion is:

Buy another hard drive, and clone your present 10.4.11 system onto it. Then, replace your present HD with the clonme, upgrade it to leopard, and try it out for yourself. If you are happy with it, well and good, if not, just pop the 10.4.11 HD back in and you haven't lost anything.

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Thanx for your advice!

However, I'm not shure exactly how to do that. With my Macbook I copyed the hard drive once with the help of Time Machine. On the G5, is there a copy program that I should use?

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