Logic Pro 7 & earlier Urgently need Logic 4.x serial dongle (Mac)

Logic 4.xxx Dongle

I do have one of these dongles both of them in fact. I am a little concerned about whether I really want to let them go, even though I am now using Logic Studio 9. I also have Logic Studio 8 complete with all the manuals. Must you continue using Logic 4.xx because you are still using a Mac running OS 9?
I would like to discuss this.
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Frank - just so there is no confusion: he mentioned that he needs the old ADB dongle. The one with Logic 8 is USB. The old ADB dongles were for older versions of Mac hardware that used this format. They were dropped long ago. Around the time Apple switched from their Macs having grey boxes, to those early big blue towers. I think G3s were the last Macs to have ADB ports, if memory serves.
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Hi Frank,
Thanks for your reply. I have a very old studio setup consisting of a powemac 7300/200 with os 8.6, a serial motu xt express interface and some akai samplers.

I understand to everyone this is outdated but it run on a next to nothing budget used to teach kids a local community center. All the stuff is paid for by me hence why i cant afford to upgrade it and use the latest logic

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