Logic Pro 9 USB midi problem

Hi - I have a Macbook (latest OSX) with Logic Pro 9, Yamaha XS7 and a Scarlett audio / midi interface. So far I've used the midi in/out from the Yamaha to the interface with reasonable results. However I've read that results are better (less latency) if I send midi via the Yamaha's "˜USB to Host' output to the Macbook, so I downloaded the driver and wired it up - it is pretty much plug-and-play.
The Yamaha now works fine as a midi controller of the Logic plug-ins, except that the Yamaha sustain pedal now does not apply sustain to any plug-in I use. I've spent hours trying everything and reading manuals, so please HELP!!

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Install Midi Monitor and check if the Yamaha sends the Sustain event (CC64).

If not, there may exist a special setting for the device.
If not, try additionally over the MIDI cable (Although I doubt that it works).
If still not, then no - no sustain over USB.