Logic Pro 8 USB to XLR Mic Problem in Logic


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Hi all, I'm new to logic but already I'm having problems!!!

I'm trying to use an XLR to USB cable to connect my microphone to my computer. When I connect it to Garageband it works fine (well as fine as it can work in Garageband) but when I try and use it in logic it doesn't work properly.

When I go to audio preferences and change the device to my mic, I no longer get any output. I can't hear any of the other tracks and I can't hear myself singing through the mic. The vocal still records and the sound bars at the side move up and down but I can't hear anything and I can't find a way to switch the audio out to the headphones.

Hope someone can help me. Thanks!

It's a cable with an inbuilt sound card which connects a usb port to an XLR microphone. When plugged into Garageband it comes up as an input device but I can still listen to the other track I'm recording vocals over through the headphones while I record and I can also hear the mic. Problem is garageband isn't great for recording vocals in as it's either too quiet or peaking too much. Being the reason I want to use Logic as I have that as well but don't have as much experience in using it.

In logic it will allow me to select the mic (down as 'C-Media USB Headphone Set' - which it also was on garageband) but then I can't get any output in the headphones from the backing track or the mic. But when I hit record the sound levels show up on the track and the bars at the side when I'm singing.

When I unplug the mic the output now comes out of the speakers/headphones of what I have recorded but obviously isn't in time with the other tracks as I couldn't hear them.

So confused, hope you can help me
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Having only just replied to the thread I've now fixed the problem by clicking the input monitoring and then the input button on the recording panel, probably a rookie error but thanks for having a think about it anyway!
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