USB vs. Thunderbolt


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Hi Folks! New to the forum, so excuse my ignorance if this topic has been beaten to death already... I'm sure it has, but I would like opinions on USB vs. Thunderbolt recording interfaces. I currently am in the market for a new interface and think my best bet is thunderbolt - of course more expensive than USB and better latency, but my main issue is I have a 2012 Mac mini Intel Core i5 with 16 Gig Ram. Is this enough to take advantage of thunderbolt or does it matter? Is the latency factor even going to be noticeable in the final mix?
Part 2 of the question is the number of IN/OUTS for recording. In the future, I would like the ability to record multiple instruments in a live setting, but for now it's me and my guitar. Am I better to invest in a better quality interface with enough IN/OUTS or should I stick to a smaller device for now and invest in something larger when I need it. Thanks in advance for any insights.