Logic Pro 9 Use Midi CC to control Send on Channel Strip

So Midi CC data can control Volume and Pan on any channel strip.
Is there a way to have Midi CC data control the Send parameter (other than doing midi learn on each and every track!)

Can anyone think of a way to do this?


Is there a way to have Midi CC data control the Send pa
rameter (other than doing midi learn on each and every track!)
To my opinion the Midi Learn is better cause you will not have much troubles like the ones I show below ! Anyway you can get some idea of the workarounds shown below.

You can use direct CC numbers 28-35 (ch.1 is recommended) to control the eight channel strip sends - respectively CC28 controls send 1, CC29 controls send 2 etc.
Note: This direct CC control is valid for the Audio Tracks and the Aux Tracks but it does not work with the Audio Instrument channel strips which can be controlled via Fader messages using the same numbers 28-35.

There is a complex solution:
1. Create a Transformer object in the Click & Ports Environment layer.
2. Cable the transformer between the Physical Input object and the Sequencer Input object.
3. Open the transformer and set its Condition "Status" to "Control" and the operation "Status" to "Fader".
In this scenario you can use CC numbers 28-25 (ch.1) to control the sends of the Audio Tracks, Audio Instr etc.

There are a few third party inconveniences:
If you try the upper scenario it will require track selection and you will not be able to control multiple channel strips simultaneously. To override that you can try next:
1. You have to set unique midi channel for each CC28 -35 set in your external controller.
2. You can set the Transformer (Data Byte 1/Pitch) range to "Inside" 28 -35.
3. Set the Transformer mode (template) to "Condition Splitter (true top cable).
4. Cable a new Channel Splitter to the top transformer cable after that patch cables from the Channel Splitter pins to the Channels you want to control.
5. Cable the Bottom Transformer cable to the Sequencer Input.

Know issues: In the upper case you will be able to control up to 16 instances cause you are limited to 16th midi channels. Another problem is the you will not be able to record the CC messages (automation) cause the Channel Splitter is not cabled to the Sequencer Input and all messages will bypass the Sequencer.

Another Workaround:
1. In this scenario you have to use unique midi channels for each CC28-35 set as well.
2. Go to the Logic Settings -> Recording and enable the "Autodemix by midi channel" box which will switch Logic into Multiplayer mode.
3. You will need only one Transformer set to Status Control ->Fader as we used in the very first setup (see above).
4. Set the midi channels of the tracks you want to control in the arrange to channels 1-16 (you will be limited to 16 tracks control !
5. Arm (turn on the "R" buttons) of the previously channelized tracks (see step 4).