user-defined plugin grouping in the effects drop list


A superb approach to programming this would be user-defined meta data for plugins, where you could tag each plugin with a custom term and even attach multiple terms (for example if a particular plugin works well for delay as well as reverb). You could than change a Logic setting to organize plugins by meta tags rather than vendor. If this option is activated, even Logic plugins would appear in the organized list rather than appearing in the initial list, which frankly already annoys me. I preferred the old method where Apple plugins were integrated with the rest of the list. I use 3rd party plugs as frequently or more than I use Logic's plugins. This meta tag organizational system would be far more powerful than the OS9 method of user-controlled organization of plugins. Using a meta tagging system, users could organize plugins in a wide variety of user-definable modes and mental logic. It would blow people's minds if this became a reality and improve EVERYONE's workflow, especially people like me with over 350 plugins. Right now, it's far too easy to forget what you have because sorting by vendor is not very helpful. Using meta data, you could give users the ability to sort plugins in a variety of ways.
Thank you, but I was not referring to Logic 7, I was referring to Mac OS9 Logic behavior where the user could organize plugins simply by altering the folder structure of the VST folder, that was lost in the move to OSX and AUs. The metadata proposal addresses this without reverting to an OS9 programming structure.
Ah, OK, I understand now, thanks for the more detailed explanation.

kind regards