Logic Pro 9 User Preset uploads

Orren Merton

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is there such a thing as a database for user presets to be uploaded? for eq's/compression etc etc
We have a download section of Logic Users Group, if you look at your menu bar. Here is a direct link: http://www.logic-users-group.com/downloads.html

You'll notice right now that there aren't a ton of settings or environments up there, but we'd love to have more from anyone who has some to share.

There's a file area at the old yahoogroups LUG:

Perhaps users and/or moderators here could re-upload all of these files to the current download area.....?

PS: I'm not sure that eq or compression presets would be of much use to other users as both of these are so specific to the sounds being processed. I am however very supportive of the idea of sharing presets for Logic's softsynths in particular as these can be very useful to everyone.


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i agree, i just find my self learning from other presets. I find they are usually a good ball park starting point/points to reference.

flick through some presets until one sounds kewl and away we go from there!