Using Avalon 737 as a hardware insert with ULN2?


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Anyone out there able to help/advise?

I'm trying to send one audio track from a project (e.g. kick track) to the Avalon 737 as an external insert to apply e.q. and compression.

Once I'm happy with the sound, I'd like to record the resulting modified audio back into Logic onto a new track.

My attempt so far involved using the 'Audio out output' on the back of the ULN 2 to send the audio to the avalon. Do I then need to solo just the track i'm recording or is there a clever way to do this so i can still listen to the full project but only here the modified kick and not the one that's being sent?

Anyone know what the quickest most efficient way to do this is? I'm a bit confused about which audio out channels i should be using in Logic, whether I need to solo the track i'm using the insert on etc... Any help would be really appreciated.

cheers, J:)

My setup:

Logic 8
Avalon 737
The easiest way to do this would be to use Logic's I/O plug-in. Insert it in your kick track and route the input and output to the ULN-2. You'll hear the processed kick track with the rest of the mix.

Hi guys,

I'm also using a ULN-2 and am looking at this string with a similar query in mind and I'm not quite making sense of it...

I'd like to send signal (a track or three) from a session out as a mono send to my amplifier to record back into the session as a new track.

Is the only way to do this via one of the main outputs?

I'm gathering the sends on the mic inputs are just that - only available to the input signal? No way to rout a signal from the mix consol to one of the actual sends???

I think I'm asking as a wishful thought... but one never knows.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, you need to use an analog output. The sends are hardware-based and only function with the analog inputs.

still can't get it to work

Hi There,

I tried the Logic plug in as follows:

Inserted Logic I/O on audio track 1 (kick sound)

I took the output 'analogue 1' on the back of ULN 2 and fed into the Avalon 737, then took output and fed it into R2 (input 2 on the back of ULN 2)

Then set the appropriate input and output on the plug in page....

Once i switch the Avalon on I just get a crazy feedback loop!!

I've tried reading the manual but the mix/mio console section seems like something an apollo astronaut would have a hard time coming to terms with.. I mean - we're musicians!!

I take it I have to do something special with the matrix, but for the love of me cannot work out what arrangement I should have...

a screen shot of a config for the matrix would be much appreciated!!