Logic Pro 9 Using Control Changes (CC#120-127) - as Performance Workaround


As a global reply to the multiple posts & comments lately regarding the broken Logic CC#120-127 behavior I'd like to give some light...

The major problem is coming form the Logic Sequencer Input i.e it filters external CC#120-127, though they are shown in Transport box midi monitor. So, there is no chance to use an external real time "All Notes Off" CC123 midi message for example which must pass thru the Sequencer object!
In the same time if you draw CC120-123 messages using Hyper Draw, Event list etc you will find that these messages work as expected. Same if you create an environment button set to say CC123 and cable directly to the channel strip. When click the button it will work as expected.
The reason is that the Logic Sequencer object is a mini Macro and can be compared to the Logic Environment Macro objects (I'll try to find some time and comment that in another separate post). In other words the Sequencer Macro has its own internal midi and audio routings, transformers etc and even its Environment alias interfaces like the Arpeggiator for instance. So in our scenario the Sequencer filters CC120-123 in the sequencer Input routing which is "post" regarding the Transport monitor.

The Performance Workaround

As you see its a Sequencer filtering issue so if you want to use the CC#120-127 you have to bypass the Sequencer. Create a transformer in the Click & Ports Environment layer and set its "Mode" and Conditions as shown in the image below. In this scenario the Transformer is cabled thru the Environment layers to a given Audio Instrument (to cable thru the layers hold the Option key, click the Transformer out cable pin and go to the Mixer. Software Instrument shown in the flip menu).
If you want to use multiple external CC120-127 set to different channels ch.1-16 you have to cable a Channel Splitter after the Transformer and cable each channel pin to a given Software Instrument etc. Same scenario if you want to use external instruments (you must cable the Transformer to a the Standard Instrument or the Multi Instrument you use).
Note: Its a Performance workaround only so no recording of CC120-123 is possible !!!