Logic Studio apps using eight track template in mainstage 2


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Hi and thanks for reading what may be a simple question.
I am new to M2, having used the first version a couple of years ago for a keyboard job on the road.
This time around I have been charged with the job of migrating over backing tracks for live performance from a minidisc player to mainstage 2 as we are about to go overseas and the minidisc player is huge. i have an m-audio for multi track output. I need the drummer to run the show from his kit using a macbook pro and m2. we have four audio tracks to run simultaneously per song (left, right, bass and click) and we have about 20 songs.
I have imported all the audio into logic and exported each of the songs' four audio tracks into folders as wavs.
I have opened mainstage 2 and selected the eight track template.
It is set up perfectly for what i would want, if I only had one song to play.
However, as soon as I try to add another song, or another set, to set up the tracks for the second song of our show, the template LOSES ALL MAPPINGS! And I cannot work out how to add the wavs for the second song and so on.
I have read the manual. I have googled. I have youtubed, I am going MAD.
I cannot for the life of me work out how to do it.
All I need to do is have set up a concert (actual terminology not mainstage terminology) of about 20 songs, each with 4 simultaneous backing tracks as they need to go out to separate outs to the FOH desk.
I have also looked at running the concert as 4 long wavs and using markers, but that is cumbersome for rehearsal purposes if the user has to start and stop and scroll through.
What am I missing? Please help. I have to finish this urgently.
thanks in advance...

Doug Zangar

That template should work. I've played with it, but only for one song. I've not heard it being a problem for people to use.

One bit of advice is to understand the concept of patch, set and concert levels. You may be fighting this.

Also, you may not have the time, but there are at least two instructional DVDs out there that probably would show you what you're doing wrong. You can find them at macProVideo.com and Groove3.com.


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Hi an thanks for your response.
I may be fighting the concept and will look at the videos.
my main issue is when I add a song all the mappings disappear.

Doug Zangar

Mapping shouldn't disappear if done right, unless things are really messed up....

The basic way to this is to set this up is create a new patch for each song. Mappings that are shared can be set up on the channel strips at the concert level or if you copy the patch, will be retained in the new patch.

Brian Stone

Make sure you clone the patch before you import your audio. You can import audio by dragging a stem to each of the existing channels. (Drag and drop right on the channel) If you create channels from scratch, they will not be mapped. If you duplicate a patch (or set) that already has the mappings, they should stay intact. Can you explain exactly what you did, step by step?

For example:
• load the template
•Â ???

I'm sure I can help you get it going fast.

Robert Wilson

This might not be any help (as I never used a template) but the way I have my concert set up is for 15 or so songs, albeit with only one backing track each.
Each different song has it's own 'patch'.

BTW, what are you using for click? If it's the metronome, you can send it to it's own output without the need for another track.

When I first set it my 'concert', I mapped all controls at 'concert' level and then each song (patch) I had to individually assign mappings. But once it was done, that was it.